Polycrystalline Diamond


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Expand/Collapse ItemQues: What is PCD?
Answer: PCD means Polycrystalline Diamond. It is Synthetic diamond made with fine PCD powder sintered at very high temperature & pressure sintering. PCD is used as cutting tools for machining of non ferrous materials like aluminum or copper alloys.
Expand/Collapse ItemQues: What is the application for Motherson PCD tools?
Answer: Motherson PCD grades are used for machining of Non-ferrous alloys e.g. Aluminium alloy, Copper alloy, Carbide, Ceramic, Hard rubber, FRP, Rock, stone, plastic, wood etc.
Expand/Collapse ItemQues: Why Motherson PCD is preferred as cutting tools for Aluminium alloy components, when conventional tools like carbide can work?
Answer: Polycrystalline Diamond is the hardest material in cutting tools with hardness ~10000mHV. It can be used up to a speed of 5000 mtr/min to achieve highest level of productivity, Very good finish, consistent size control & very long life. Motherson PCD tools are proven to be economical in use as compared to conventional carbide tools.
Expand/Collapse ItemQues: Can we use Motherson PCD for Ferrous application?
Answer: No, we do not recommend PCD tools for Ferrous machining for the reason that Diamond is not thermally stable & starts oxidizing at temperature more than 700°C. Also it has coexistent with Fe, Co & Ni and Transforms to Graphite at 700°C.
Expand/Collapse ItemQues: Can we use Motherson PCD on conventional machines or at lower parameters?
Answer: Machining Aluminium alloy or other Non-ferrous with Motherson PCD tools really doesn't require very high parameters and can work at as low as 100mtrs also & there is no problem in life, but for better finish it is recommended to have speed above 200mtr./min.
Expand/Collapse ItemQues: Can we use Motherson PCD tools for Interrupted machining?
Answer: Yes, Motherson PCD tools can be used for interrupted machining. For Tools selection & application recommendation you can contact our local team.
SUMITOMO having grades which are not prone to chipping as their toughness are as good as best carbide for non ferrous machining.
Expand/Collapse ItemQues: Is Motherson PCD tool suitable for rough turning or boring?
Answer: Yes, PCD tools shows cost effectiveness in both precision machining as well as in heavy roughing. We have standard tools for rough cutting and can manufacture special PCD inserts/tools for up to 8mm depth of cut as per customer's application requirement for the jobs directly after GDC or PDC.
Expand/Collapse ItemQues: Where else Motherson PCD tools can be applied other than Turning?
Answer: Motherson PCD tools are been made and supplied for Finish or rough milling, Indexable end milling & Drilling too. In Milling also special inserts for roughing can be designed to take care of depth of cut ~7mm or more as per the application requirement.
Expand/Collapse ItemQues: Generally PCD Inserts have PCD portion of 3~4 mm, as such we are not able to use it for counter boring where facing length is more than PCD Edge. Is Motherson have solution for this?
Answer: Yes, there is a solution for this kind of application. For this we have been designing & making Inserts with PCD edge 6~7 mm or sometime full edge to suite the facing requirement of the customer's application need.
Expand/Collapse ItemQues: Is chip breaking possible with Motherson PCD Inserts?
Answer: Yes, Motherson PCD inserts are available with positive rake angle which helps in controlling the chips.
Expand/Collapse ItemQues: How to select tools for carbide Machining?
Answer: Sumitomo Grade DA 90 is suitable for carbide machining. And we recommend using higher included angle & preferably Negative Inserts, which are stronger for carbide machining.
Expand/Collapse ItemQues: What is unique in PCD from Sumitomo?
Answer: Sumitom PCD Grade's properties are usually depend upon PCD grain size, but with help of special sintering process Sumitomo has introduced a unique PCD grade "DA2200" in which toughness is increased to a level of K10 carbide (TRS 250 Kg/Sq. mm) with excellent wear resistance.
Expand/Collapse ItemQues: Can Motherson PCD tool be used for Cast Iron Machining?
Answer: Theoretically the temperature of machining ferrous is higher & Diamond can not withstand that. But Grey cast Iron machining at lower speeds (under 120 mtr/min) PCD tools can be recommended.